Monday, November 22, 2010

From Fear to Fabulous


I had the privilege of working with this inspiring young woman a few weeks ago. Erica wiglessly welcomed me into her house to take the second picture of her that would ever be published without her wig on. She shared with me her experience living with Alopecia Areata and how she had finally come to the decision to reveal herself in public for the first time.



Brave Erica stood up and gave a speech called "From Fear to Fabulous" at Front Range Community College last week in hopes to encourage others to be able to be real with who they really are. She believes that sharing this about herself has changed her world and can change others' as well.

Way to go Erica! I'm proud of you and encouraged by you.

Please read more of her story by Pam Mellskog at the Times-Call.

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Patrick Cavan Brown said...

Beautiful job, Morgan Alyssa Varon. :)