Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Purdy Outhouse

Purdy Outhouse called his friends on the East Coast to tell them that he and his wife were having a baby. To their surprise, Outhouse was actually referring to “Baby Piney Apple,” which he has been growing for the past 22 months at his home in Firestone.

Yes, Purdy Outhouse is seriously this man's name. His name is definitely unique, I must say...but I guess Purdy likes keeping it weird! He decided to grow a pineapple plant in Colorado, and has been doing so for almost two years now. I love how random, yet entertaining, photojournalism can be.

Click here to read the Times-Call story!



Karna said...

Hi Purdy,

I ran across you and your pineapple the other day and I just wanted to say congratulations. I grow a lot of plants but haven't had much luck with pineapples. Dennis Malanchuk told me you had moved to Colorado which really surprised me.
I'm glad you're having fun out there.


Merle said...

Hi Purdy,
What a surprise! Great pics.Save it. We buy a lot of fresh pinapple.Larry told me you he spoke with you last week. I know the orchards are gone; I drive thru the old country every year or so. My family liked hearing my stories! It was greattimes.