Thursday, April 16, 2009

20th and Blake

I went to the opening Rockies game at Coors Field last Friday with the plan of putting together this slideshow for the Times-Call...However, after I had shot all my photos, collected all my audio, made my way back to the press box for a prime rib sandwich, and sat down to begin my editing, I realized that in some way or another, ALL of my photo files had become corrupted. We headed back to the office with the hopes of using our card saver software to bring my photos back to life. No hope...

I left the office that day quite frustrated and upset, having given the card to Mr. Rick Hackett to work with some more, and treated myself to some friends and a margarita back in Boulder. Later that night, Hackett pulled through and saved the day! He recovered all of my photos...not a one went missing. (Thanks!) Even though it was far too late to have any work published the next day, I couldn't let all that work go to waste. So here I am, a week later, finally finished with "20th and Blake."

For you non-Colorado folks, 20th and Blake are the streets that intersect right in front of the main entrance to Coors Field. It's where you find all the pre-game action.

20th and Blake

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Patrick Cavan Brown said...

Way to go, Chica! I love the smoking cowboy.