Monday, February 16, 2009

Five-Minute Foto


Well, the photo itself didn't actually take 5 minutes...nor did the setting up for it, but it really felt like that's all the time I had to prepare for this one. The assignment got thrown on me last minute and and I had no idea what I was going to do. So, I grabbed my handy assistant, Paul Litman, for some of his lighting knowledge and skill and we threw this one together real quick. Paul had made the slitted black board to fit in the soft box sometime during college and somehow it made its way to the Times-Call mini-studio. It is mini. But it works. And I like it.

Ukrainian Orphans

This is a story I have been somewhat working on since this past summer. For three weeks, a group of 8 orphans from Ukraine did a home stay between 4 families in and outside of Longmont. The kids were given the opportunity to experience America with these families and sadly had to return back to Ukraine. As the purpose of the trip was not to find the children homes, the families instead sought to bring awareness to the idea of adoption, but more specifically, the adoption of older children.

A few months later I was informed that two of these families were actually bringing children home from Ukraine to stay permanently, so we jumped back on the story. I was really excited because I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with the families the first time around. I met their new kids and they all hated my camera for a while, but their new mommies and daddies made them behave...

Here is the audio slideshow I put together all last Friday.
Mom, Dad, don't forget to press the little play button!