Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CU Hoops

I was offered a freelance job for the Longmont Times-Call last night to shoot CU basketball. It was a double header, the men first played Cal State Northridge and then the women took on San Jose. Here are a few of my favorite frames from the night.









Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holga Shots from Summer...

I'm sorry that these are so long overdue! I finally got around to scanning the negatives from my trips to California and Oregon/Washington this summer. Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Many Ways Can You Shoot a Sandwich?

The answer...more than you think. I'll spare you from having to look at them all.

Over the past few months I was the photo intern at 5280 Magazine in Denver, where I got all the food photography practice I could have ever dreamed of. Here are a few of my favorites...

Scallop Carpaccio at Colt and Gray, Denver

The Cherokee at Parsley and Bailey, Denver

Espresso Semifreddo at Lala's Wine Bar + Pizzeria, Denver

Cantaloupe Gazpacho at Mel's Bar and Grill, Denver

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Demolition Derby

What better way to spend your Saturday night than to go watch cars smash the you-know-what out of each other? I know the folks in Longmont sure would agree that Demolition Derby at the Boulder County Fair is not an event to be missed. With the grand stands packed, drivers and pit crews alike prepped their cars by pre-beating them with sledge hammers to get the metal away from the wheels... anything to keep that car moving. In my opinion, the volume of the event exceeded the suspense and action of the cars demolishing each other by far, but I was entertained none the less.






Monday, July 27, 2009

The 120mm Film Experiment


Over the past couple of weeks I have decided to start my own collection of vintage cameras. First, I bought an Agfa Shur Shot, which are supposedly made sometime in the 1930s. This little box camera I stumbled upon at a sidewalk sale in Denver. Well, actually I first stumbled upon an extremely old enlarger, then after asking about it, the sidewalk-sale man disclosed to me that he had a vintage camera collection. Even though he wasn't planning on it, I talked him into selling me one...then he graciously gave me one of his two Brownie cameras because "everybody needs one in their collection."

About a week later, I decided to accompany my roomate on a road trip down to the southeast corner our U. S. of A. (Good ol' Athens, Georgia). The Agfa came along for its first real photo adventure, visiting the St. Louis Arch, a Braves game in Atlanta, and numerous places around Athens. While in Athens, the Agfa picked up a new friend... the Sears Tower camera, found at a lovely store in downtown Athens, the name of which I unfortunately can't remember. Not sure if the Tower was actually functioning, I gave it a try, and to my glad surprise, after having the film developed, beautiful little images made their homes on the negatives...very exciting.

As a photographer, I find myself needing to experiment from time to time. It keeps my creativity and excitement flowing about snapping pictures. Not only that, but I still really miss working with film. I found that I loved the mystery of not really knowing what type of photos these old cameras would produce. What would the colors look like? What imperfections would I find with the camera?

With the Agfa, I found out that the viewfinder does not exactly match the angle of the lens. Therefore, most of the photos taken with this camera are weighted heavily to the bottom of the frame although I composed the photo much higher. This I find interesting in some pictures and pretty irritating in others. I guess that is the fun of shooting with vintage cameras though...not really knowing what you're going to get.

I had one of the rolls of film cross processed for fun to see what would happen, hence the funky colors in a couple of these. For a few of those, I altered them in photoshop but the rest are untouched. Let me know if you have any old cameras sitting around that you would like to have taken off your hands!












Monday, June 22, 2009

Clear Creek Kayaking

I took a trip to Golden, Colo. today to shoot some things for 5280 Magazine and while I was walking along Clear Creek I stumbled across a few guys kayaking in the rapids. I ran back to my car to get my long lens and hung out with them for a little while. I had never shot kayaking before and found it to be pretty entertaining. They were doing front and back flips into the rapid and spinning all crazy-like..Thankfully they stayed on the same wave the whole time, so I didn't have to jog up and down the creek.






Sunday, June 7, 2009

Homeschool Reunion

My friend Aubrea was a homeschool child. Well, a homeschool child, adolescent, and teenager. She didn't go to "real" school until college. This year would have been her 10-year High School reunion, but since she graduated from home, there was no reunion planning committee. In honor of her home-based education, we decided to throw a "Homeschool Reunion" just for her. This isn't exactly newsworthy, but I liked some of the characters that showed up, so I though I would share one of them.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just For Fun

The sun set incredibly behind the mountains I was distracted from the soccer game I was shooting (during half-time, don't worry)and enjoyed it for a few minutes. Played with photoshop a little when I got back, thus creating this...


Thursday, April 16, 2009

20th and Blake

I went to the opening Rockies game at Coors Field last Friday with the plan of putting together this slideshow for the Times-Call...However, after I had shot all my photos, collected all my audio, made my way back to the press box for a prime rib sandwich, and sat down to begin my editing, I realized that in some way or another, ALL of my photo files had become corrupted. We headed back to the office with the hopes of using our card saver software to bring my photos back to life. No hope...

I left the office that day quite frustrated and upset, having given the card to Mr. Rick Hackett to work with some more, and treated myself to some friends and a margarita back in Boulder. Later that night, Hackett pulled through and saved the day! He recovered all of my photos...not a one went missing. (Thanks!) Even though it was far too late to have any work published the next day, I couldn't let all that work go to waste. So here I am, a week later, finally finished with "20th and Blake."

For you non-Colorado folks, 20th and Blake are the streets that intersect right in front of the main entrance to Coors Field. It's where you find all the pre-game action.

20th and Blake

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Conglomeration of Sports

I got a lot of practice shooting sports this past month, even though (secretly) sports are my least favorite thing to shoot. I can't deny the fact, however, that the more I practice I get, the better my timing gets. So, regardless of the boredom of baseball, golf, and tennis, I appreciate the opportunity to improve the skillz.

Amy Hodgkinson, Mikayla Tatman, Gina Larson and Callie Hodgkinson, Skyline's top four golfers, return to the team after placing third at state last year.

Silver Creek's Scott Hoyte pitches to Skyline during a game at Silver Creek on Thursday, March 12, 2009.

Longmont Christian's Michael Charles slides safely into home plate as Lyons' Zach Brodie can't quite get a grip on the ball at Sandstone Ranch Park in Longmont, Tuesday, March 17, 2009.

Longmont High School's Emily Revielle locks her eyes on the ball during a match against Niwot's Amanda Lee at Niwot, Thursday, March 5, 2009.

Skyline's Reilly Mau pitches to Silver Creek during a game on Thursday, March 12, 2009.

Longmont senior Jim Thompson hits a pitch thrown by sports reporter Ray Sobczyk to the third baseman on Wednesday, March 11, 2009.

Longmont Christian High School's catcher, Zach Sanders, talks with his coach in between innings at Sandstone Ranch Park in Longmont, Tuesday, March 17, 2009.