Friday, November 14, 2008

Photo: The Old Fashioned Way

Although I really didn't enjoy the art school at CU, its louwsy photo department, or its less than average photo professors, I can admit that I really miss the ghetto photo lab. I miss film. I miss the dark room. And I miss watching my images magically appear on paper. In college, the photo lab was an escape for me. I loved going in there in the middle of the day, losing all sense of time (because it was so dark), listening to music, and actually producing something with my hands. I don't think I enjoy anything more than getting my hands dirty and actually making something. I like to see my work come to life in that way and connect with whatever it is I am working on. You just don't get the same experience nowadays with our fancy digital camera and a workflow in the computer. Plus, its much worse for your eyes to be staring at a computer screen all day than adjusting to the lack of light in a dark room.

Although with these photos, I wasn't able to do any of my own developing...having graduated...working with film was very enjoyable. When I am not playing photojournalist, I usually like to play tourist because when I am playing tourist everything is new and interesting to me. On the downside of the tourist game though, I take zero notes, so I have hardly any information about these pictures besides general location.

My goal for the future: To have my own personal photo lab at home.

Venice Beach, CA

Drum Circle. Venice Beach, CA

Slanted Buildings. San Francisco, CA

Nap in the park. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

Haight and Ashbury. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

Waiting for TED. San Francisco, CA

Waiting for the bus on Halloween. Boulder, CO

Naked pumpkin run. Boulder, CO

Groucho Marx and Rita Hayworth. Boulder, CO


Alex Loddengaard said...

When were you in San Francisco? I live right by Haight and Ashbury!

Rad photos!

HUckleberry Hart said...

Beautiful shots. You captured SF spot on. Hey AL, have you met my friend Keesey yet?