Friday, October 3, 2008

Aspen Adventure

Yesterday my boss plopped a map down on my desk and said, "Here is your assignment. Aspen trees." Basically, I was to drive up Boulder Canyon and make my way to Rocky Mountain National Park over the course of several hours. My goal was to take photos of Aspen trees changing colors for the fall. Not too shabby! Anytime somebody will pay me to drive around in the mountains to take photos of beautiful trees, forge rivers (or creeks), hike through huge meadows, get nailed by freak hail storms, wander through old mining towns, and stumble across large packs of elk, I am more than up for the job.

I found that when I have free range and no strict time limit when shooting I can be much more creative. I take my time with each scene and see things differently. Yesterday actually reminded me of my travel photography, mainly just because of the state of mind I was in. Everything looked new and exciting. These were places I had never seen before, people I had never met before, and it allowed me to pretend I was farther than just a couple miles away from home. However, I have to admit that living so close to all of this is something to brag about. After exploring for six hours, I pretty much realized that I had taken up the best profession I could have picked for myself.











Joshua Buck said...

Great Job, Morgan!

Alex Loddengaard said...

Radddd photos! How did you do that first shot, with the trunk in focus and everything else out of focus?